Blue Microbe brings together marine scientists from multiple disciplines. Led by Professor Mike Allen, the Devon based team undertakes and publishes ground-breaking marine research.

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The team are constantly working to make new scientific discoveries within the marine field. Our work is often published and we take every opportunity to share our findings with the wider public. We pride ourselves on science communication creating accessible science wherever possible!

Find links to our latest publications, blogs, reports and accessible papers here!


We do a lot of work with both micro and macro algaes. The Seaweed Apothecary is a collection of local seaweed species which we have found along the Devon coastline. The apothecary is constantly expanding and available for anyone to use for preliminary studies. 

Take a look at what we have found so far!

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Blue Microbe is a family affair. We love creating accessible science and sharing inclusive research and where better to begin than our own families!

#TheAllenLab often inspire our research with their curiosity and questions about marine science. They have been featured in blogs, news reports and even cited in papers!

They are our brilliant seaweed samplers and mermaids purse collectors.


We are always open to new collaborations!

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