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#TheAllenLab is based in Mike's house (yes, that's how much we love science!) and is a great place to create grass-roots projects, which often form the basis of our research.  In the Lab, the children create 'potions and explosions' and take all of the beach treasures they have collected from local beaches. They often undertake experiments, particularly focusing on seaweed. 

As well as being budding scientists, they are our wonderful seaweed enthusiasts, sample collectors and beach cleaners!

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'Living by the sea is good for the souls; a great stress-buster. The ocean is a leveller: you walk to it and feel small, your troubles are put into perspective. I love to watch the changing seasons- the busy hum and the shimmer of the summer time; the destruction and power shown in the winter months. In my time as a teacher, I have tried to in-still a sense of power in the children I have taught - the power to make a change, no matter how small the gesture may be'



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Mike's children, Rosie and Archie, as well as his wife Sara and Buddy the dog make up #TheAllenLab. Their questions and curiosity about our oceans inspire all of the teams research.  


'I love combing the beach for what I call treasures such as mermaids purses and interesting shells. My favourite thing about living by the sea is the constant surprises of the shoreline; for it is ever changing and washing up new curiosities. My goal is to spread the word on the #2minutebeachclean - where you pick up litter on a beach - whether it be small or large it will make a difference.'



'I like the sea because of all the amazing sea creatures. I really enjoy rock-pooling at the beach as it gives you a really close look at the living sea animals and plants.'